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Virtual Programs are held via Zoom
at 7:00 pm Eastern Time
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Force of a Cyclone:

The Battle of Stones River
December 31, 1862 - January 2, 1863

Author, Historian, Preservationist and Battlefield Guide 

Caroline A. Davis

will be presented live via Zoom web-conferencing.


The event is FREE to attend. Please consider making a small contribution to the
Dan Sickles Civil War Rou
ndtable to help us create and offer more great programs.
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Force of a Cyclone:

The Battle of Stones River
December 31, 1862 - January 2, 1863


All of Middle Tennessee held its breath when the new year dawned in 1863.

One day earlier on December 31, Braxton Bragg’s Confederate Army of Tennessee faced off against William Rosecrans’s Federal Army of the Cumberland just outside Murfreesboro along Stones River. Bragg’s morning attack bent the Federal line back upon itself – and the fighting continued.

Join author Caroline Davis and the Dan Sickles Civil War Round Table in a discussion of a New Year surrounded by fierce combat, and the pitiful cries of the wounded. The Battle of Stones River, a significant turning point of the war, had the highest percentage of casualties on both sides of any Civil War battle. Lincoln himself would often look back and note. “I can never forget whilst I remember anything, that about the end of last year and the beginning of this, you gave us a hard-earned victory, which, had there been a defeat instead, the nation could scarcely have lived over.”

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