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Rose O'Neal Greenhow
will be presented live via Zoom web-conferencing.

The event is FREE to attend. Please consider making a small contribution to the
Dan Sickles Civil War Roundtable to help us create and offer more great programs!


Through Historian and Author/Editor Emily Lapisardi,
Rose will visit with us herself, and tell her own story!
Find out if Rose was the Confederacy's greatest Diplomat,
or their most accomplished and outrageous spy...or both!

Emily Lapisardi, Director of Musical Activities for Most Holy Trinity Catholic Chapel at the United States Military Academy at West Point, is editor of Rose Greenhow's 'My Imprisonment': A Scholarly Edition and has published articles in several journals. Emily has given first-person presentations as significant historical figures for museums, historical societies, roundtables, and reenactments across the U.S.


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