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Virtual Programs are held via Zoom
at 7:00 pm Eastern Time
When Hell Came to Sharpsburg - 0528 - Steve Cowie.jpg

When Hell Came to Sharpsburg:

The Battle of Antietam
and its Impact on the Civilians Who Called it Home

Historian, Author & Screenwriter

Steve Cowie

will be presented live via Zoom web-conferencing.


The event is FREE to attend. Please consider making a small contribution to the
Dan Sickles Civil War Roundtable to help us create and offer more great programs
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When Hell Came to Sharpsburg:

The Battle of Antietam and its Impact on the Civilians Who Called it Home

The Battle of Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862, was the bloodiest day in American history.

In just a dozen hours of combat, more than 23,000 men had been killed, wounded,

or captured – and yet the battle’s horrendous toll on area civilians is rarely discussed. 

In the small community of Sharpsburg, MD, where ordinary families lived, worked,   and worshipped, the fighting turned their lives upside down.

Join us as historian Steve Cowie explores how the battle and its opposing armies wreaked emotional, physical, and financial havoc on the people of Sharpsburg. We’ll follow families like the Mummas, Roulettes, Millers, and many others - ordinary folk thrust into harrowing circumstances - and their struggle to recover from their unexpected and often devastating losses.

Steven Cowie earned a degree from California State University, Long Beach. As part of the Los Angeles film industry, he penned spec screenplays and sold his award-winning short to the Sundance Channel. A lifelong student of the Civil War, he dedicated fifteen years to exclusively researching the Battle of Antietam. When Hell Came to Sharpsburg is his first book.


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